Winter Sports: Staying Safe and Knowing Your Legal Risks

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The year’s Winter Olympics are providing inspiration for participation in winter sports. Although winter sports help Canadians stay active and enjoy winter, they also involve risks of serious injury to participants and legal liability for teammates, coaches, organizers and facility owners. Participants must take safety precautions, by wearing appropriate (and appropriately fastened) safety equipment and…

Improving Access to Justice will Depend on Properly Funding Legal Aid

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There is a growing concern within our society and the legal profession over the increasing inability of average Canadians to access the justice system.  Improving access to justice will require innovations in a variety of areas, but an essential pillar of this will be the legal aid program funded largely by the Province, with limited…

Easing your ICBC Claim Pain

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Article by:  Erika M. Swinton and Andrew Prior Obtaining compensation for injuries sustained in a motor vehicle accident can be frustrating. Careful documentation of the accident, your injuries, and related expenses helps ease the frustration. There are two main types of compensation arising from an accident, and both require proof of your losses. First, you…

“Get the bailor honey, this ship is sinking”

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As the boating season here in the Okanagan comes to a close, the inevitable task of winterizing and storage of the craft soon follows. Many boat owners simply hand their keys over to the storage provider and bid adieu till the following spring without an afterthought. Most fail to consider what their legal rights are […]

Risky business: Do waivers offer complete immunity from liability?

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It’s fantastic being able to live in the Okanagan with all the sports and recreational activities to choose from in our all-season playground.  Of course, some activities can involve slightly more risk for those of us with a thrill-seeking character.  Undoubtedly, most people have been presented with a liability waiver for themselves or their children […]

I’m sorry I hurt your stupid feelings!

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“I’m sorry I hurt your stupid feelings!” This is not an apology.  Neither is “I’m sorry if anyone was offended by my remarks.” It implies no regret for the act; only the reaction to it.  Any version of “I’m sorry but…” is not much of an apology.  The “but” erases whatever came before it.  “I’m sorry […]

Injury compensation – there’s more to it than you might think

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Every year in B.C. approximately 45,000 people make a claim with I.C.B.C. for loss or injuries resulting from a motor vehicle accident. Unfortunately, many people who visit an I.C.B.C. claims centre to seek injury compensation for their loss do not fully understand the law. They find the claims process a source of both confusion and…

Will the law penalize you for riding a motorcycle?

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Tragically, every summer in the Okanagan, there are countless accidents involving motorcyclists and drivers. In these types of accidents, will the law penalize you for riding a motorcycle? Often these accidents are completely avoidable if drivers and motorcyclists understand their basic responsibilities when it comes to sharing the road. Here’s what you need to know.…