We believe in a client centric approach to law

Popular culture has created an image of lawyers as being ego-driven and obsessed with winning at all costs.  We like to win but not at the expense of what’s best for our clients. We believe there is no room for ego. That a team with a variety of expertise is better than a single lawyer; no matter how good they might be. We believe that a solution isn’t just found in precedents. That the right approach for one client may not be the best approach for another.

We believe that our clients deserve to hear the truth about their case. That making unrealistic promises to win a client is failing the client and ourselves.

It’s important to ask the right questions, listen to our clients, really get to know them, get a clear view of the big picture, and be innovative in finding the best approach – even if that means referring them to another professional.

Putting the client’s best interests first is one of our core values.

We believe that the law should be accessible

A lot of people fear the law. They think it’s there to trip them up and ensnare them. To make processes complicated and confusing.

We believe the law exists to serve society.  That when you peel away the intimidation and make it understandable, it serves to protect individuals and businesses. It’s important to us that we take the time to explain the process to our clients so they’re comfortable every step of the way. Clients shouldn’t dread calling their lawyer, they should see it as an empowering action.

Making the law more accessible is one of our core values.

We believe in continuously earning trust

Trust is not granted, it’s earned.

You might trust someone because they’re respected, experienced in their industry or because they were confidently referred by someone you know. That ‘trust’ is not the same as what you feel once they’ve proven themselves to you personally. Earned trust is what will cause you to think of them first when you have a question, problem or a need. It’s what will give you relief, knowing you’ll feel better after speaking with them. Earned trust should never be taken for granted.

Perpetually earning trust is one of our core values.

We believe in contributing to our community

There is nothing that says a law firm has to give back. But, we believe that when you’ve grown up in a community and you work in a community its natural to want to help make that community the best it can be. We believe that being active members of our professional community and our city is our duty.

Contributing to community is one of our core values.

These are the core values we’ve all committed to. They are the foundation on which the Pihl Law Corporation sits.

We’re here for you.


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