Commercial Litigation

When there is potential for a commercial litigation dispute, you require sophisticated, cost-effective solutions, delivered in a timely manner. Whether you require assistance with contract disputes or shareholder disagreements, our legal team can help to resolve all commercial litigation problems.

Construction Law

When it comes to disputes over developments, breach of contract, design deficiencies, or any other matters that pertain specifically to construction law, you need timely advice from an experienced legal team.

Employment Law

Through many years of practice involving employment law and labour disputes, we have developed a systematic approach to dealing with employment and labour conflicts. We can help you with legal solutions, no matter the size of your business or individual needs.

Mediation and Arbitration

Are you looking to resolve a dispute without going to court? Our mediation team will assist with negotiations and can facilitate meetings and face-to-face discussions. We can help you reach a mutually beneficial settlement.

Personal Injury

Personal injuries, such as those caused by motor vehicle accidents, can significantly impact both you and your family. Our personal injury lawyers understand that pain and suffering are only part of the consequences of such an event. We know that dealing with insurance companies can be challenging, so let us advocate for you.

Estate Administration

Our experienced lawyers can assist you with estate administration, probate and estate litigation. We assist executers with obtaining a Grant of Probate and administering the estate of their loved one quickly and cost effectively.

Family Law

Pihl Law is dedicated to helping families minimize the emotional and financial impact of separation and changes to their family structures. With extensive experience in family law and a deep sense of compassion, our Family Law team works hard to help families resolve their disputes and move forward respectfully.

Estate Litigation

Our experienced estate litigation team appreciates the emotional stress and complications that can exist in estate-related disputes. We work with you to understand your unique circumstance and focus on resolving disputes creatively and practically.


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