COVID-19 Changing Courts

June 29, 2020

Covid-19 has affected everyone around the globe in many ways since its arrival.  As a result of technology, some business have been fortunate enough to find ways for employees to work remotely from their homes, while others have not been able to transition as easily or have chosen not to adapt to a new reality. …

Toxic Torts

May 7, 2014

A relatively recent and developing area of personal injury law involves injuries from toxic substances – such as mould in apartment or office buildings, food toxins, pharmaceutical products, and pesticides or other industrial chemicals. Although claims for illness from these substances are often difficult to prove, they can have widespread implications for employers, landlords, food…

Avoid the Rush to Terminate a Commercial Lease

May 2, 2013

Recent decisions from British Columbia courts underline the risk to commercial landlords in misinterpreting their leases or otherwise assuming there is little risk in shutting down the business of an unprofitable tenant. Avoid the rush to terminate a commercial lease, and first, get the advice of a professional. In Shanahan  v. Turning Point Restaurant Ltd.,…

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WHAT IS Commercial Litigation?

When a potential business dispute arises, you want sophisticated cost-effective solutions delivered in a timely manner.

At Pihl Law Corporation, our team of legal experts is trained in all aspects of commercial litigation, from contract disputes to shareholder disagreements. We can help you resolve complex legal problems quickly and effectively.

Our skilled legal team represents plaintiffs and defendants in actions arising out of commercial transactions, including commercial leases, breaches of contract, economic loss, and secured transactions. We also realize that disputes can arise within a company as the relationship between shareholders evolves over time. Our goal is to ensure that each of our clients receives the services and solutions that effectively address their expectations and objectives, concerning all aspects of commercial litigation.

In addition to commercial businesses and real estate developers, our commercial litigation clientele includes educational, financial and government institutions, individuals, insurance companies, manufacturers, retailers, brokerages and franchisors.

We represent your interests in matters such as:

  • Debtor and creditor law, including claims involving collection on debt claims
  • Builders’ Liens
  • General commercial litigation disputes
  • Shareholders disputes
  • Administrative law matters
  • Municipal Liability and Land Use
  • Residential and Commercial Real Estate Development
  • Product liability claims and insurance loss and property damage
  • Software, technology and intellectual property disputes
  • Commercial Leasing
  • Commercial Landlord Tenant Disputes
  • Economic Loss
  • Injunctions and other forms of Declaratory Relief

If they suffer insurance loss or property damage, Kelowna clients can rest assured that they are in safe hands. Insurance companies will often try to exploit the lack of experience on the part of the claimant, thus negating a fair payout. Our trained experts can recognize indications that you might otherwise overlook, when an insurance company is trying to expedite a claim – thus absolving themselves of any liability in future related claims. Equally, we understand the importance of forming accurate claims that not only avoid under-claiming, but also over-claiming – which may indicate legal inexperience.

NEED HELP WITH Commercial Litigation?

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