COVID-19 Changing Courts

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Covid-19 has affected everyone around the globe in many ways since its arrival.  As a result of technology, some business have been fortunate enough to find ways for employees to work remotely from their homes, while others have not been able to transition as easily or have chosen not to adapt to a new reality. …

Toxic Torts

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A relatively recent and developing area of personal injury law involves injuries from toxic substances – such as mould in apartment or office buildings, food toxins, pharmaceutical products, and pesticides or other industrial chemicals. Although claims for illness from these substances are often difficult to prove, they can have widespread implications for employers, landlords, food…

Avoid the Rush to Terminate a Commercial Lease

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Recent decisions from British Columbia courts underline the risk to commercial landlords in misinterpreting their leases or otherwise assuming there is little risk in shutting down the business of an unprofitable tenant. Avoid the rush to terminate a commercial lease, and first, get the advice of a professional. In Shanahan  v. Turning Point Restaurant Ltd.,…

Proposed Medical Marihuana Purposes Regulations – Good or Bad?

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Living in beautiful B.C., there is a lot of interest in the legal status and availability of marihuana. The Federal Government has proposed improvements to Health Canada’s Marihuana Medical Access Program in order to save the government money and to provide safer access. On December 15, 2012, the Canada Gazette under Part 1 published the […]

“Get the bailor honey, this ship is sinking”

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As the boating season here in the Okanagan comes to a close, the inevitable task of winterizing and storage of the craft soon follows. Many boat owners simply hand their keys over to the storage provider and bid adieu till the following spring without an afterthought. Most fail to consider what their legal rights are […]

Joint Tenancy – don’t give it away too early

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Most homeowners will have at least heard of the term “Joint Tenancy”. In British Columbia, when you own property with another person, you can own it as Joint Tenants, or you can own it as Tenants in Common. If you are Joint Tenants, you share the property completely and equally. If you are Tenants in […]

Oh Behave! In a strata complex, the rules rule

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If you live in a strata complex you don’t have to love your neighbours or even like them but you do have to treat them properly according to your rules. Recently a judge ordered a family in a strata complex in Surrey to sell their unit and move.  This family had been the subject of […]