Liens and Remote Projects

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We live in a country with vast amounts of open space, which in turn leaves large tracts of unregistered lands. Large projects such as hydroelectric dams and sub-stations are often situated on these lands, obtaining rights to use the land short of ownership. Under the provisions of the Builders Lien Act, SBC 1997, ch. 45…

Unwitting Partners & Cohabitation Agreements

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The one thing worse than a break-up is one where you discover, much to your surprise, that your partner is able to advance claims against you when you had assumed the contrary. Many people are aware of the fact that unmarried spouses have a right to claim spousal support and child support, usually because they’ve…

Welcome Carl da Luz!

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We are delighted that Carl da Luz has joined the Pihl Law team! Carl was born and raised in Kelowna and obtained his Juris Doctor at the University of British Columbia. He was called to the Bar in 2019 and has been practicing locally as a litigation associate since that time. At Pihl Law, Carl’s…

Bree Hankins – Shareholder!

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Pihl Law Corp. is thrilled to announce Bree Hankins’ promotion to Shareholder in our firm! Her wealth of knowledge and passion for what she does is evident in all her endeavours, and we are proud to have those attributes (and her many other skills!) on our team.

Protecting Against Tenant Created Builder’s Liens

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Kelowna’s reputation as a hot bed of entrepreneurialism is well earned and as a result, many people invest either in commercial real estate or in rental residential units. An owner of land, however, faces risk when their tenant engages in work within the premises.  If a contractor or sub-contractor goes unpaid, they may lien the…

Welcome Michael Sinclair

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We are proud to welcome Michael Sinclair to the Pihl Law team! Michael was previously a partner in a Kelowna law firm. He has also practiced in Vancouver and Alberta. Michael is a qualified family law and civil mediator with extensive experience in all areas of family law, and estate litigation. Contact Michael if you…

Welcome Brad Savoury

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We are delighted that Brad Savoury has joined the Pihl Law team! Brad is originally from Newfoundland, where he practiced in St John’s, and Gander, NL, before relocating to Alberta where he worked as in-house counsel for the City of Edmonton. Now practicing in Kelowna, his 11 years of experience in various jurisdictions and areas…

COVID-19 Changing Courts

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Covid-19 has affected everyone around the globe in many ways since its arrival.  As a result of technology, some business have been fortunate enough to find ways for employees to work remotely from their homes, while others have not been able to transition as easily or have chosen not to adapt to a new reality. …

Impact of COVID-19 on Construction Projects?

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In light of the impact the COVID-19 pandemic is having on all industries throughout the world, this article will discuss how a force majeure clause could impact a construction project. Although outside of the standard form construction contracts (i.e. CCDC contracts) each contract will likely have its own specific language relating to force majeure events.…