Nathan MacDermott

Limitations on the use of Progressive Release and Statutory Declarations

October 3, 2019

Section 7 of the Builders Lien Act allows for what is commonly known as the progressive release of the holdback funds during the course of a project. These provisions of the Act are commonly used on larger projects to allow subcontractors to receive the holdback funds in relation to their specific work by requesting the…

Dealing With a Builder’s Lien

June 25, 2019

A builder’s lien is a legal interest that can be registered on title to a property as security for an alleged debt for work or materials in relation to an improvement. Having a lien placed on the title to your property can come as a shock and can cause issues for the owner of the…

Builders Lien Holdbacks

April 9, 2019

The Builders Lien Holdback is a point of confusion amongst parties involved in all types of construction projects. The holdback is in place to limit the liability of parties in the payment chain of a project while setting aside some funds for unpaid parties lower on the chain. Many believe that a holdback is not…