ICBC Is Watching You

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ICBC’s practice of hiring private investigators to investigate claimants before trial is common. It is one of the ways ICBC protects itself from fraudulent claims. Such fraudulent claims can increase everyone’s insurance premiums. However, such investigative reports can also hurt legitimate claimants in the courtroom.  Should the claimant testify that his life has been ruined…

How to Protect Your Digital Assets

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It used to be that you knew what to do with all the memorabilia of your life. You’d put it in a box to give to your kids, or you’d write it into your will.  But these days, the most complete record of your life may be online. The Internet plays a major role in…

Going Public

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When is your private life yours to hold tight, or let go…or in some situations have it grabbed from you? We all like to think that our private life is private, but this is no longer true, particularly in the context of a personal injury action. A number of years ago, when I was defence…

Cyberbullying – Where is the law in BC?

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Cyberbullying has been in the news recently due to several heart-breaking suicides of young women who were the victims of harassment and bullying on the Internet. Social media such as Facebook and Twitter expose vulnerable people to communications from others who, perhaps emboldened by the lack of face to face contact or by quasi-anonymity, say…

What Happens in Vegas Stays in Vegas…or Does It?

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What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas? Well, not always – and a Kelowna-area woman found that out the hard way. What Happens in Vegas Stays in Vegas? While vacationing with her family in Las Vegas, Palm Springs and the Caribbean, a number of photos were taken of the young lady engaging in the type […]