If You Have a Job, You Have a Contract.

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I often speak to employees who believe that since they do not have a written employment contract then they do not have a contract at all. If you have a job then you have a contract. If it is not in writing then it is an oral contract. Oral contracts of employment are just as…

Constructive Dismissal

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One of the most common inquiries I receive in regards to my employment law practice is questions concerning the issue of constructive dismissal. It is a principle often misunderstood by both employers and employees alike. In practical terms, constructive dismissal describes a situation where the employer has not directly fired the employee, but rather, has…

Letters to Santa: An Innocent Christmas Tradition or a Legally Binding Contract

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My daughter writes letters to Santa every year outlining her wishes, desires and relentless reiterations of how good she has been this year, in the hopes that her good behaviour will be rewarded with a pile of presents under the tree on Christmas morning. The other day, she received a reply from Santa, sent straight […]