Get Extra Insurance to Drive in the U.S.

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The snow is flying, and there is a bite in the air.  At this time of year, many people in Kelowna think about spending time down south. For some, it is just a week’s break in their busy work schedule, for others it involves spending several months in the sunshine.  A few winters ago, I…

Winter Sports: Staying Safe and Knowing Your Legal Risks

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The year’s Winter Olympics are providing inspiration for participation in winter sports. Although winter sports help Canadians stay active and enjoy winter, they also involve risks of serious injury to participants and legal liability for teammates, coaches, organizers and facility owners. Participants must take safety precautions, by wearing appropriate (and appropriately fastened) safety equipment and…

Risky business: Do waivers offer complete immunity from liability?

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It’s fantastic being able to live in the Okanagan with all the sports and recreational activities to choose from in our all-season playground.  Of course, some activities can involve slightly more risk for those of us with a thrill-seeking character.  Undoubtedly, most people have been presented with a liability waiver for themselves or their children […]