Is Mediation Right For You?

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Spring is here and it’s that time of year when home owners want to change things around the house and consider getting some renovations carried out. A contractor is located, some plans are drawn up and things get started; unfortunately, sometimes what starts out as a positive project turns into a potential nightmare for both…

Resolving Family Disputes Through Mediation

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There have been many articles written about the benefits of resolving disputes through mediation rather than litigation.  Despite this, there is still a great deal of confusion about what a mediation looks like and whether it will assist parties to resolve their dispute.  In family law disputes, there is often also mistrust between parties that…

When To Consider Mediation?

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Many things can happen along the way to a trial.  Often a settlement is one of them.  As a trial lawyer I recognize that having your day in court comes at a very high price.  Lawyers’ fees are only part of that price.  There is delay – civil cases take years to get to trial.…

Love thy Noisy Neighbour?

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It’s a late Sunday night. Everyone has retired for the night in preparation for another long work week. Well, almost everyone. Your downstairs noisy neighbour has decided to have a Sunday night dance party in his living room. The sound of the bass reverberates through the walls and right into your bedroom. It’s a party […]