David Pihl, K.C.

What the Heck is Med-Arb?

July 21, 2015

For a number of years we all heard of Arbitration as a way to obtain a decision in a dispute between two or more parties.  Some agreements mandate that disputes are arbitrated rather than litigated as a way to save costs and to obtain a decision in a much shorter time frame than through the…

It’s not about ‘Holding or Folding’ – Play another card with Mediation!

April 22, 2015

When I think back to the time I was just starting to practice as a trial lawyer, about 42 years ago and list the tools available back then to settle files before proceeding to trials, the list is pretty short. Actually there was no list. Back then the options for settlement of litigious matters heading…

Wigs, Robes, and Tradition

October 7, 2014

Recently at the end of the day I looked out my office window that overlooks the transit roundabout on Queensway…now in the process of being changed/upgraded….. to my right, towards the Memorial Arena…..I am reminded that is where the new park aide is to be built….across from there… at any time now, the new IHA…