New Civil Resolution Tribunal

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British Columbia is establishing Canada’s first online dispute resolution body. The innovative Civil Resolution Tribunal will address small claims and strata property disputes. The Tribunal is expected to launch later this year. The Civil Resolution Tribunal Act was passed in 2012 and amendments to the Act passed third reading on April 21, 2015. The Tribunal…

The Civil Resolution Tribunal – Coming to a Computer Near You!

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This is an exciting development in the world of ADR – Alternate Dispute Resolution.  Dispute resolution practitioners, myself included, applaud this kind of “thinking outside the box” that gives people more options for resolving disputes. If I have one concern with this new process it is that, with few exceptions, the parties cannot be represented […]

Oh Behave! In a strata complex, the rules rule

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If you live in a strata complex you don’t have to love your neighbours or even like them but you do have to treat them properly according to your rules. Recently a judge ordered a family in a strata complex in Surrey to sell their unit and move.  This family had been the subject of […]

Love thy Noisy Neighbour?

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It’s a late Sunday night. Everyone has retired for the night in preparation for another long work week. Well, almost everyone. Your downstairs noisy neighbour has decided to have a Sunday night dance party in his living room. The sound of the bass reverberates through the walls and right into your bedroom. It’s a party […]