Andrew Prior

Construction Agreements Need Modernizing Too

April 4, 2017

Changes in technology, construction practices and building codes are the primary focus of modernization within the construction industry. However, companies should also take the time to periodically review their construction agreements to ensure the agreements: (a) are up to date on changes in the law; (b) reflect how the company expects a job to proceed;…

Using Legal Counsel to Proactively Manage Legal Risk

December 2, 2015

There can be a perception that lawyers help paper a deal that has been already agreed to or that lawyers help you write letters and start lawsuits after a dispute has arisen. Unfortunately this perception is overly simplistic and, especially for small businesses and entrepreneurs, can end up costing significant legal fees that could have…

Small Renovations Can Equal Big Headaches if You Ignore Best Practices

May 15, 2015

Homeowners and smaller contractors are often tempted to skip recommended practices when undertaking a small renovation.  In many cases, little thought is given to the contract (and in some cases the only document is an invoice) and there is no attempt to comply with the Builders Lien Act. Although it is understandable that the parties…