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At Pihl Law Corporation, we have experienced lawyers who can provide you with a comprehensive estate plan. We work closely with other estate professionals, including your accountant and financial planner, to provide personalized advice to ensure your wishes are properly passed on to the next generation.

We will conduct a complete profile interview to assess your unique planning needs, including such considerations as disabled beneficiaries, corporate trustees, and mixed families. We can assist you in settling a trust, planning for incapacity (powers of attorney, medical representation agreements, advance directives), drafting a will or testamentary trust, and ensuring that your estate is handled with care, attention, and compassion.

Legal issues can arise in relation to someone’s estate when a person does not have a will, or when the will has not been properly prepared and executed. Even when someone leaves a Will, there may be questions about the validity of the Will, including issues regarding the mental capacity of the Testator and possible undue influence leading up to the signing of the Will. In addition, some dependents may not feel that the Testator made adequate provisions in his or her Will for all persons who were owed a legal or moral obligation by the Testator. We can help guide you through these potential issues to ensure that your final wishes are known and fulfilled.

We can also provide you with guidance in administering the estate of a loved one who has died, obtaining a grant of probate of their will, and attending to transmitting assets to the survivors. In the event that a difficult or contentious issue arises upon the death of a loved one or relative, we have experienced lawyers who can advise you of your options.

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